New Home Community

New Home Communities in Dundalk….

Considered as one of the first inner-ring suburbs of Baltimore, Dundalk is a town perfect for your new home purchase. Surrounded by water on three sides. New construction is booming throughout the area attracting more and more residents.

Dundalk is a expanding! Retail homes, retail stores and restaurants are contining to build..

You need reasonable housing costs. You need to cut time, stress and gas with an easier commute into the city, within the county, or even to Annapolis or DC. You need all the basics close by – groceries, pharmacies, restaurants, churches, libraries, athletic fields, schools, workout gyms, child care. That’s all here in abundance.

But real people have their wants, too – the things that make life better, along with that reasonable mortgage or rent. Great neighbors who lend a hand, green spaces and parks (including one for the dog), historical charm, local free family events, fishing piers, parking, and 43 miles of waterfront. That’s here for you, too.

Real people also want value. Home prices, per square foot, are the most reasonable in the county, for the sturdiest of row houses, the newest of waterfront townhomes, and everything in between. The same goes for property taxes, gas prices, and the general cost of living.

If you’re a value-seeker, good to know that Dundalk is on the cusp of new employment opportunities, new retail and commercial development, and more new housing. This is the time to examine all Dundalk has to offer.

Want fancy? Take a quick drive into Canton or downtown, have a good time, and come home to your sane living expenses, your pedestrian-friendly neighborhood, and your parking space. Or, just head over to one of the waterfront watering holes on the Dundalk Riviera and enjoy.